Sunday, April 14, 2013

Silenziosa-Mente @ special screening of Festival Miden in Moscow

Festival Miden presents at Now&After festival a special screening program entitled "Can One Mistake Reality for Reality?", curated by Gioula Papadopoulou. Featured videos have been selected from the 3 last editions of the festival (2010-12).

Participant artists: Maximilian Schm√∂tzer & Fabian Heitzhausen (The conversation), Alessia Travaglini (Silenziosa-Mente), Alicja Rogalska (Untitled (Broniow Song), Mary Zygouri (Symbiosis), Anna Ampariotou (Scissor’s stories III), Hua Peng (Inhibited the time to live), Aleksandra Obradovic (X-treme 1, 2 & 3), Shahar Marcus (The Curator), Hillerbrand+Magsamen (DIY Love Seat), Mattias H√§renstam (Closed Circuit (In the middle of Sweden), Gioula Papadopoulou (Ophelia x 2), Tina Willgren (The Polymoids), Yuliya Lanina (Birds and Bees), Leyla Rodriguez & Cristian Straub (Isle Of Lox "The Face"), Beate Hecher & Markus Keim (All lnclusive), Christina Stratsiani (Dress)

The title -and the thematic orientation- of the program derives from the dialogue between the Hal 9000 and the Space Odyssey astronauts in "The conversation", a subtly humorous conceptual video that opens the program. "Can one mistake reality for reality?" A seemingly naive and simple question that has so many answers and is a critical argument for all philosophy and aesthetics, triggers an infinite field of thought and discussion. Meanwhile, art creates its own reality/realities, sometimes through the most surrealistic or subversive means, reminding us that, after all, "reality" is an adventure of the mind. The program presents 16 videos that introduce us to diverse worlds, dreams, thoughts and nightmares, approaching reality with a surrealistic touch or creating poetic allegories and visual metaphors by reconstructing and transforming elements of everyday life.

Now&After EVENTS
from April 22 to May 5 2013 
Moscow (Russia)

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